Iran Construction Investment Co. (Plc)

Field of Activity

Main Activities

   Investment in stocks, partnership shares, units of investment funds or other securities having voting rights with the aim of gaining profit, by the company itself or the subsidiary companies and/or their subsidiary companies take the control of the company, institution or investment fund or to influence their system to have the company, institution or the investment fund (whether Iranian or foreign) to participate in the following fields of activities:


Production, development, trade and commerce, contracting, contract management, consulting, monitoring, maintenance, hire-purchase, providing capital,  brokerage, housing inspection, residential, office, commercial, tourism, parking and urban construction, old buildings, road construction, dams, electricity and other infrastructure, materials, tools and equipment, food and other movable and immovable property of these sectors.


The following activities in relation to persons invested in, subject of paragraph 1 above:

  • Administrative services in the development and purchase of raw materials and machinery
  • Design and engineering principles and ensuring projects
  • Technological, technical, scientific, commercial and economic   research and studies
  • Providing funds from internal or external sources to support the subsidiary’s companies
  • Compiling general policies, strategies and management
  • Identifying investment opportunities
  • Providing technical, management, administrative and financial services


Investing in coins, precious metals, bank certificates of deposit and investment deposits with banks and authorized financial institutions

  • Investing in stocks, partnership shares, investment funds or other shares and securities having voting rights
  • Investments in other securities that normally does not provide the voting right and ability to appoint the manager or control the publisher to the owner of the securities
  • Invest in other assets including physical assets, manufacturing and construction projects with the aim of gaining profit
  • Services related to securities markets, including:
  • Accepting posts in the investment funds
  • Financing of portfolio securities
  • Participation in commitment underwriting of securities
  • To ensure liquidity, the principle of least interest securities