Iran Construction Investment Co. (Plc)

Company development plans

Technology Development

The main measures are as follows:

Data center equipment:  In order to develop and update the data center infrastructure, three new HP servers were purchased due to the depreciation and age of the existing servers.  Set of 10 servers in the data center were integrated. After updating the hardware infrastructure, the existing soft wares were also update. Definition of work flows and allocation of virtual machines, implementation, configuration activation of infrastructure and the data transfer to the new servers have been fully completed in the IT department.

Some benefits of this infrastructure optimization are as follows:

Reduction of the ongoing costs, such as electricity, maintenance and repairs

Reduction of the heat generated by the devices

Usage of the maximum capacity of the hardware

Accelerating the process

Easy backup of data


Companies’ Affairs System:  Companies’ Affairs System started working last year. Implementation, software debugging information storage continued during the year. Currently, the process is completed and the system is fully operational.

Some advantages of this software are as follows:

  • Quick and easy access to the companies’ information
  • Aggregating information in a single database
  • Displaying reports as required
  • Easy relocation of information

This software is unique among all the holding companies.  The program has been developed and implemented  by the Company’s IT department, using the Cooperate Affairs Manager’s ,  its experts’,  and the Deputy of Finance and Administration’s valuable experiences.

 New website: In the reporting year, a plan to design and implement a comprehensive new web site started.  A team including Sales and IT management  was formed to work on this project.  After allocation of the contractor, the work started and the project was being implemented.

  • One of the advantages of this new website is providing on line services to the stakeholders.

 Systems service and maintenance: The mission of the IT hardware unit is defined to respond quickly and efficiently to its users.  This department his trying to accomplish its mission by keeping the systems updated in order to provide the fast and efficient services.

Secure network development:  Since the security of the company’s information is one of the IT department‘s responsibilities, the two following programs were defined in order to fulfill this mission.

1-Using the latest anti-virus and security software in order to ensure the data integrity

2-Providing backup files of the existing information on daily basis


Developing the Business Environment

Iran Construction Investment Company’s strategy for the business environment development, is based on continually improving the process of setting objectives, measuring results, and providing feedback to facilitate further development of the organization.  In pursuit of these goals the company, has done a careful planning, some of which are mentioned below:

Accurate assessment of market

  • Analyze the building industry
  • Identify potential target markets for the company and estimate  sales volume
  • Identify criteria and procedures governing the target markets
  • Compliance with government policies and other factors identified in political, economic, social, technological and marketing strategies to target markets that may be helpful
  •  Identify the status of competition in target markets
  • Threat of new entrants
  • The intensity of competition among existing competitors

 Market Development Plan

  • Developing and implementing sales strategies aligned with business strategies
  • Development and implementation of the required and approved marketing programs
  • Provide appropriate pricing policies in a competitive market and profitability
  • Develop programs to develop sales and advertising executive
  • Developing Sales team work plan, directing, monitoring and controling personnel, according to organization’s macro strategies in order to achieve the organizational goals

 Providing a plan for implementation of sales stages

  • Analyzing of the factors affecting the sales, development and marketing
  •  Implementation of policies, programs, advertising and sales strategies by providing marketing strategic planning
  • Identify and recruit qualified professional brokers
  • Reading and studying the professional journals and literature, in order to be up to date with the industry trends and initiatives
  •  Collecting, organizing, monitoring and analysing of information and promotional activities, in order to determine the effectiveness of advertising investment
  • Continuous monitor and link to the content of the company's website
  • Research on the actual and potential markets and segmenting the customers based on the findings

 Communicate with customers

  • Establish an ongoing relationship with the customers, in order to provide the services required by contract and customer satisfaction.
  • Continuous monitoring of the needs and opinions of the customers, in order to solve problems and  meet customers’ satisfaction.
  • Building and maintaining customer database and interactions
  • Ongoing monitoring of customers' issues and problems until achieving results
  • Update and implement the most appropriate methods of customer service and customer satisfaction
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with key customers periodically by using different ways of marketing.