Iran Construction Investment Co. (Plc)

Social Performance

Since the core function of the Iran Construction Investments Co. and its subsidiary companies is to provide housing for different layers of the society, and this naturally targets promotion of people’s social welfare, it is necessary to align the company’s activities with the government strategic policies in the field of housing, and give serious attention to the “Comprehensive Housing Plan”.

The first version of the “Comprehensive Housing Plan” has been published, which unfortunately has not yet been finalized till the time this report was written. However, it has been considered in designing the company’s “Vision Plan” and after final approval, it will be the major reference for the company’s development plans in the field of housing.

Due to the changes in government policies in the field of housing for various sectors of society, according to what has been announced so far, most noticeable activities in this field are as follows:

  • Attracting large and small investments in order to equip and supply resources in the private and public sectors
  • Providing potential for public investment through setting up investment funds, especially the “land & building” investment fund. Currently, there are two projects being reviewed and decided on.  Once the decisions are made, the proposals will be submitted to the appropriate organizations for approval.
  • Management of secondary market related to the business core activity
  • Attention to actual capacities and practical capabilities for the partnership in implementation of plans for renovation of the old parts of the mega-cities
  • Utilization of the modern technologies in construction projects, light manufacturing, reduce costs, and increase productivity
  • Continuous improvement of the quality system of construction materials as a support to enhance the quality of construction projects and energy saving
  • Utilization of industrial methods based on the “Construction Standards Principles” and the “Building National Regulations”, in order to reinforce buildings against earthquakes and prevent waste of energy
  • To strive for a reasonable share of the housing market
  • Establishing “Money Laundering Committee” for implementation of the appropriate guidelines