Iran Construction Investment Co. (Plc)

Board of Directors’ message

The most important and effective event that was expected to happen during the previous fiscal year, was finalizing of “Housing Master Plan” which outlined the government’s strategic policies till 1405 and therefore would have serious impacts on all policy-making activities of the companies present in the field of construction and housing. Although this plan has not been approved yet (however it will be considered in preparing the strategic plan of the company), but the preliminary outputs of this plan shed some light on the Housing problem’ dimensions in the coming years.

The goal of this program is to construct 2,400,000 residential units by the year 1405, which comprises of 1,635,000 new units, 248,000 units for new families and 517,000 units to meet the housing storage for the current households. This means that the construction of 200,000 residential units annually is foreseen in the Master Housing Plan.